Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Experiments in Art and Science: Kettle's Yard and the Gurdon Institute

Please join me this Saturday 20 October, 3-5pm in Cambridge where I will be presenting My Buddy (2018) at the Gurdon Institute. This new performance is inspired by how yeast cells move and was developed during a period of research with scientists from the Zegerman Lab.

Since January 2018 I have been working with members of the Lab to carry out experiments on wild yeast cultures, extracting their DNA and observing the movements of cells under the microscope. Click here to read my Lab notes from one of the experiments.

My Buddy will be performed by Kirsty Arnold, Laura Doehler and Adam Moore.

This commission is part of Experiments in Art and Science, a collaboration between Kettle's Yard and the Gurdon Institute at Cambridge University.


Saturday 20 October, 3-5pm
The Gurdon Institute, Tennis Court Rd, Cambridge CB2 1QN
Three contemporary artists David Blandy, Rachel Pimm and Laura Wilson present new film and performance resulting from time spent interacting with scientists at the Gurdon Institute. The scientists are from three different labs within the Institute, but each is focused on answering fundamental questions about developmental biology.

The Gurdon Institute is named after co-founder and Nobel Laureate Sir John Gurdon. The Institute is a world-leading centre for research into the biology of development and how normal growth and maintenance go wrong in diseases.

A partnership between Kettle’s Yard and the Gurdon Institute funded by Wellcome.