Monday, 27 December 2010

Bedtime dialogues in Winter

A group exhibition organised by Opa Malyn vzw with work of SNP, Gert37, Mira Albrecht, Wannes Behaegel, Clemens Behr, Willem Boel, Dominiek Colpaert, Ruth Crabbe, Jesse Cremers, Pauwel De Buck, Kris Fierens, Ritsart Gobyn, Geert Koekoeckx, Warre Mulder, Pauline Niks, Tinka Pittoors, Suleika Van der Jeugdt, Samuel Vanderveken, Yasmine Willems and Laura Wilson.

This exhibition shows work of young, contemporary artist on a unique location in Mechelen. You will be surprised by a warming dialogue between sculptures, installations, drawings, paintings and soundsscapes.

15 until 23th January - VERNISSAGE 15th JANUARI from 19H00
saturday and sunday from 10h00 until 20h00 - monday till friday from 14h00 until 20h00
Location: Former Mattress-factory Devis, OLVrouwestraat 110, Mechelen, Belgium