Sunday, 2 November 2008

Scene in the Making (Concrete and Glass)

Bricks, mortar
Dimensions variable

This work was made for Scene in the Making, curated by Lee Campbell and Frog Morris as part of Concrete and Glass.

Campbell and Morris Projects present


2nd OCTOBER 6pm - 9pm and 3rd OCTOBER 12noon - 8pm

Scene in the Making brings together work by leaders of British performance art, painting, sculpture alongside emerging talent. Unfettered by the constraints of heavy curatorial narrative, the show explores how life's everyday actions can be significant and their beauty exposed through various artist methods.

Francesca Anfossi, BADBAT (Joanne Robertson), Jenny Baines, Beagles and Ramsay, Rebecca Birch, Peter Bond, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Lee Campbell, Elly Clarke, Alexander Costello, Cinzia Cremona, Daniel and Davina, Emma Hart and Corinna Till, Kate Hawkins, Calum F. Kerr, Adrian Lee, Robert Luzar, Elizabeth McAlpine, Carali McCall, Jordan McKenzie, Orion Maxted, Victoria Melody, Frog Morris, Ellen Nolan, Flore Nove-Josserand, Harold Offeh, Helen Pailing, Alex Staiger, Heidi Stokes, Diane Timmins, Sarah Turner, Laura Wilson, Charlotte Young

The Tile Showroom
Nicholls and Clarke Building,
3-10 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6PG
(Corner of Fleur de Lis Street)

Tube - Liverpool Street / Aldgate/ Aldgate East/Old Street
Bus 149/8/26/388

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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Brief Encounter

Wolstenholme Projects presents Brief Encounters: Part One
1st - 9th November 2008

Thursday – Sunday, 12-6pm
Preview Friday 31st October 6.30-9pm

Brief Encounters introduces artists that have never met or exhibited together before, in order to encourage dialogue between different artistic disciplines and to create access to the often private environment of preparing an exhibition.

Two artists have been given a pressurised schedule of a working week in which to prepare an exhibition that will be on show for a further week and, whether working in collaboration or reacting to one another, the installation process will be open to the public throughout.

Featuring Andy McKeown and Laura Wilson, the show presents practices which are grounded with an interactive element, taking objects (Wilson) and communicative media (McKeown) as primary points of departure. Their practices crossover via a playful engagement with the meanings generated from commonplace situations that involve the

For this exhibition the working week will be Tuesday to Friday 28th – 31st October in which there will be the opportunity to call in on the artists at work.

Andy McKeown produces interactive installations and projected light environments, using his own software and interface/interaction controls. Many of his recent projects and installations start as 'empty' systems and can evolve in unexpected directions. They rely on direct participation and interaction in order to create the visual dialogue. The installations are generally autonomous and designed for continuous unsupervised operation.

Laura Wilson makes sculpture, installations, drawings and performances. She aims to bring the everyday and discarded into visibility, exploring notions of absurdity, functionality, displacement, and communication; often capturing the humorous and poetic qualities of objects. Her concerns also include how the viewer interacts or experiences the work and how they can contribute to the works completion.

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