Friday, 1 July 2016

Politics of Food at Delfina Foundation

I'm really pleased to be a UK Associate Artist in residence at Delfina Foundation this summer 27/06/16 — 18/09/16.

Image: Laura Wilson, Fold and Stretch, 2016. Photo: Jules Lister.

Participants will include: Amy Franceschini (USA), Thomas Pausz (Iceland/France), Forager Collective (India), Fernando Garcia-Dory (Spain), Serkan Taycan (Turkey); Kathrin Böhm (UK), Chris Fite-Wassilak (UK/USA), Jane Levi (UK), Laura Wilson (UK) and more to be announced.

In summer 2016, Delfina Foundation’s The Politics of Food series will enter its third season. Since 2014, this programme has brought together over 70 artists, activists, anthropologists, agronomists, chefs, curators, scientists and writers from 32 countries through residencies, events and exhibitions. The first season in winter 2014 introduced a number of general environmental, economic and social concerns that have guided the overall programme, while the second season in spring 2015 specifically explored the relationship between food and three sub-themes: Sex, Diet & Disaster.
The Politics of Food: Markets and Movements will continue to deepen our investigation of this theme. Over twelve weeks, we will work with artists, curators and thinkers to investigate the production and distribution of food. We will explore complex and urgent issues including, but not limited to, agricultural labour and seasonal migration; developments in biotechnological food sciences; food sovereignty and heritage, from grains to recipes to production methods; how food features in radical collective political movements as well as the increase of individual consumer choice and its impact on the wider global food economy.