Sunday, 20 June 2010

Foundation Stone, Siobhan Davies Studios

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On Saturday evening Siobhan Davies Studios in St George's Road hosted a foundation stone laying staged by artist Laura Wilson. The centre's architect Sarah Wigglesworth was present to see a brick taken from an upstairs wall, and the text of a poem by James Elroy Flecker, buried below exterior brickwork.

"We thought it was about time we could lay the foundation stone," said Siobhan Davies who claims to have found the design to have worked well for her over four years of constant use. "We did not want to rush. Thank you to Sarah who has made a building."

Laura Wilson recently worked with Siobhan Davies Studios to stage the Blind Buildinginstallation, a 15-minute choreographed sequence during which the curtains of the London College of Communication tower were opened and closed.

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Microperformances at the Whitechapel Gallery: Pointing No. 2

Photo: Rebecca Birch
Pointing no.2

Laura Wilson in conversation with Michael Podmaniczky, Programme Tutor on the Conservation of Furniture and Related Objects course at West Dean College, The Edward James Foundation on 2 June 2010.
Discussing ideas surrounding furniture, design history and boatbuilding, this conversation was re-performed with actors, Michael Pagnotta and Nick Rhys as part of Microperformances at the Whitechapel Gallery on Thursday 10th June 2010.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Foundation Stone Ceremony and other events

Some things that I am involved in over the next couple of weeks, please do come along:

Foundation Stone Ceremony
19th June, 5pm at Siobhan Davies Studios
Over the past few months I have been working with architect, Sarah Wigglesworth to create a site-specific art work for Siobhan Davies Studios and on 19th June at 5pm a special ceremony will mark the installation of Foundation Stone. This event is part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Gesamtkunstwerk 2010 Debut Salon Show
Private view: 18th June, 6.30-late at the Hackney Rose
Exhibition continues: 19th - 27th June, Friday-Sunday 12-6pm (or by appointment 07931439942)
The first exhibition of the Gesamtkunstwerk 2012 project brings together all the artists involved in this ‘total artwork’ which will manifest itself as an artist’s road trip across the United States in 2012. This international troupe of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, etc. will be art, make art, and exhibit art and more from the West to the East coast in the summer of 2012.

Whitstable Biennale Satellite Programme
19th June - 4th July
2010 Whitstable Biennale Satellite Programme (www.thewhitstablesatellite) . For this I have made a new work, The wall is down that parted their fathers; you can find out more information about it by following this link -

Please find more information below,

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Siobhan Davies Studios

London Festival of Architecture

Saturday 19 June
At Siobhan Davies Studios,
Elephant & Castle, London

Open Studios and Meet the Artists
Siobhan Davies Studios will open its entire building to view as part of the city wide celebration of architecture. Visitors will be free to explore all areas of the RIBA award-winning building designed by Sarah Wigglesworth, talk with the RCA MA Ceramics & Glass students, whose works will be on show as part of their Out of Practiceexhibition, and experience Audialsense installation in the Roof studio.

Installation: Audialsense
This durational work uses dense tonal chords of sine waves, based on the wavelengths associated with the dimensions of the Roof Studio at Siobhan Davies Studios. The modulation of these tones is based on the stuttering rhythmic patterns of the cladding systems on the nearby Strata SE1 tower by architects BFLS.

Time: 2-5pm
Tickets: free event
Booking: none required

Workshop: Experiencing sound through movement
Siobhan Davies Dance will lead a workshop using movement to heighten the experience of the sound and the invisible architecture it creates in the Roof Studio. Participants will be guided by JADE fellow Tammy Arjona in their explorations of passing through the different volumes of sound, making choices in the pathways they carve through the space. This workshop is supported by BFLS.

Time: 12-1.30pm
Tickets: free event
Booking: 020-7091-9650

Foundation Stone Ceremony
This ceremony will mark the installation of a foundation stone created by the artist Laura Wilson with the building’s architect, Sarah Wigglesworth.

Time: 5pm
Tickets: free event
Booking: none required

Paul Hamlyn FoundationBFLSLondon Festival of Architecture 2010

Upcoming Events

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Siobhan Davies Dance & Siobhan Davies Studios -


Gesamtkunstwerk 2012

Debut Salon Show

Private View Friday 18th June 2010, 6.30-late

The Hackney Rose, 458 Hackney Rd, E2 9EG

19th - 27th June, Friday-Sunday 12-6pm

Or by appointment 0793 1439942

The first exhibition of the Gesamtkunstwerk 2012 project brings together all the artists involved in this ‘total artwork’ which will manifest itself as an artist’s road trip across the United States in 2012. This international troupe of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, etc. will be art, make art, and exhibit art and more from the West to the East coast in the summer of 2012.

The practises showcased in the Debut Salon Show come from a range of media, though here they are represented as wall-based work, hung in the style of a Parisian Salon exhibition. The style of hanging is not in accordance with the Salon’s values, but rather an acknowledgment of the method and aesthetic style of hanging large group exhibitions. This seems particularly appropriate for such a large group show, and as a historic parallel with the idea of the gesamtkunstwerk.

This first exhibit is intended as a launch for the forthcoming project, and an opportunity to view the work of all who are involved—though this group will be evolving and changing in the two year interim. In the two years before its manifestation, curated group exhibitions will happen under the umbrella of the gesamtkunstwerk project. This framework provides a starting point for further exhibitions, events, and enquiries into multi-disciplinary practise. The artists involved come from 12 different countries in total, and the majority of them work in the United Kingdom. When the final troupe embark on this monumental road trip, the different cultures will grant a transient yet lasting contribution to the contemporary landscape of the USA. During the road trip of travelling exhibitions, gigs, and performances in various institutions, the opportunities to engage in cross-cultural artistic debate will be vast. The international mix of cultural and artistic production will demonstrate the contrasts and similarities that exist between modes of production in the US, Europe, and beyond. The Debut Salon Show is the only occasion where all participants are seen exhibiting together, until the Gesamtkunstwerk finally happens in 2012.

Performances by Charlotte Young and Fredrik Lindberg from 20:30 pm


Aimee Neat - Alistair Wildblood - Angus Braithwaite - Beck Rainford - Neb Poulton - Benedict Drew - Beth Collar - Cai Nyahoe - Charlotte Young - Chooc Ly Tan - Corinne Mynatt - Ed Atkins - Elizabeth Gossling - Eugenia Ivanessevich - Fred Lindberg - Gabriel Stone - Gregory Sodergren - James Stringer - Joanna Ageborn Lindberg - Jonathan Batten - Jonathan Entwhistle - Julia Crabtree & Will Evans - Jussi Brightmore - Kate Ellis - Kay Watson - Laura McFarlane - Laura Wilson - Maria Theodoraki - Matt Carter - Matthew Giradeau - Michelle Fletcher - Myles Painter - Nathalie Levi - Neesha Champeneria - Nik Colk - Oscar Carlson- Revati Mann- Rudolph Reiber- Sarah Bayliss - Simon Ribchester - Surya Buck - Tessa Power - Tom Wondrag - Tom Clarke - A Human - Factory Floor - Gum Takes Tooth

For more information about the project please contact:

*This exhibition was made possible with the generous support of The Hackney Rose. The Hackney Rose is a community dedicated to innovation and cross pollination across the arts and creative industries offering facilities and opportunities for production and exhibition.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Microperformances at the Whitechapel Gallery

Below is some information about an event that I am involved with at Whitechapel Gallery this week...

Thursday 10 June, 7pm


A night of structured spontaneity and subjectivity switches at the Whitechapel Gallery.

MicroPerformance is a series of curated performances and talks which use an intimate and interactive format. Similar to the format of speed-dating, the performer interacts directly with the audience around a table in a bar or cafe, and the audience moves between performers throughout the night.

Pursuing an interest in landscape, subjectivity, and the location of encounters, artist Rebecca Birch curates projects that extend this research; for MicroPerformance she invites artists working in a diverse range of mediums to explore site specific creation and intimacy.

Inspired by Roebbrecht and Daem’s focus on the intimate and ephemeral relationships of the individual to architectural environments, the Whitechapel cafĂ©’s tables will provide the stage for the performances and inform the content.

Reacting to this idea of the table as the stage or trajectory for performance will be theatre company,Dancing Brick, nominated and shortlisted as best emerging company at the total theatre awards will stage a drama. Sculptor and painter Flore Nove-Josserandwill engage in a critical discussion on design theory. Composer and musician Neil Luck, a founding member of Squid Box and the ARCO collective, will perform a series of new compositions. Sculptor Laura Wilson will discuss aspects of the table with a furniture specialist.The Ladies of the Press, a compact publishing unit, presents the performance of printing and publication with a playful pressing parlour game. Sarah Bowker-Jones, painter and sculptor will create a temporary intervention.

Performances will take place throughout the evening. Some will be continuous and others will be repeated. The subject of the encounter becomes both the viewer (the audience) and the viewed (the performer) who alternately change roles throughout their interaction.

A building may have walls, but its how use them that counts.