Monday, 2 May 2016

Contact: A Festival of New Experimental Film and video

I'm really pleased to be presenting a new performance next Sunday 8 May as part of Contact: A Festival of New Experimental Film and video at Apiary Studios curated by Andrew Vallance and Simon Payne.

My new work entitled 800 lights in 177 years (2016) will be performed at 7.30pm.
Please find more information below and click here for the full schedule and to book tickets.

A festival of experimental film and video showing the work of over 70 UK based artists/ filmmakers, featuring single-screen films, multi-screen/performance-related works and site-specific installations..

Artists: Maria Anastassiou, Luke Aspell, Jenny Baines, Steven Ball and Martin Blažíček, Kerry Baldry, Oliver Bancroft, George Barber, Dan Brackenbury and Joe Gilmore, Ian Bourn, Savinder Bual, Marek Budzynski, Nick Collins, David Cunningham, Amy Dickson, Karel Doing, Malgorzata Drohomirecka, Louisa Fairclough, Patti Gaal-Holmes, Sally Golding and Spatial, Nicky Hamlyn, Bea Haut, Laura Hindmarsh, James Holcombe and Secluded Bronte, Riccardo Iacono, Jamie Jenkinson, Deniz Johns, Conor Kelly, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Adam Kossoff, Malcolm Le Grice, David Leister, Steve Littman, Lynn Loo, Juile Marsh, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Jennifer Nightingale, Matthew Noel-Tod, Jayne Parker and Joan Key, Simon Payne, Heather Phillipson, Gareth Polmeer, Greg Pope and Kostis Kilymis, William Raban, Karolina Raczynski and Anita Konarska, Samantha Rebello, Duncan Reekie, Lis Rhodes, Emily Richardson, Ben Rivers, Cathy Rogers, Guy Sherwin, John Smith, Vicky Smith, Mary Stark, Francesco Tacchini and Oliver Smith, Anna Thew, Jennet Thomas, Andrew Vallance, Mark Watson, Ian Wiblin, Laura Wilson, Andrea Luka Zimmerman.
Accompanied by a publication including discussion pieces by Luke Aspell and collectiv-iz (on collective practices), Sally Golding, James Holcombe and Cathy Rogers (on different manifestations of contemporary expanded cinema), and short essays by Maria Palacios Cruz (LUX, Deputy Director), William Fowler (BFI, curator of artists’ moving image) and Nicky Hamlyn (filmmaker and writer), plus the complete listings.
The Contact festival is programmed by Andrew Vallance and Simon Payne.