Tuesday, 3 July 2018

You Would Almost Expect to Find it Warm at the British Museum

On Friday 1 June, 4-8pm in the Great Hall at the British Museum where I presented You would almost expect to find it warm (2018), a new site-specific performance using dance and fresh dough as an interplay of two living organisms operating in a constant flow of movement.

With an uncanny resemblance to human flesh and marble, the material and choreography of the performers draws parallels between the sculptures of Auguste Rodin, and those of the Parthenon, in response to the exhibition Rodin and the art of ancient Greece at the British Museum.

Co-commissioned by Block Universe and Franck Bordese.

You would almost expect to find it warm
(2018) will be performed by Elina Akhmetova, Kirsty Arnold, Iris Chan, Adam Moore, Daniel Persson and Piedad Seiquer. With thanks to Yeast Bakery. 

Photos: Manuela Barczewski